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16,90 EUR*
Details Türschild Classic Schild Ich bin Applications Engineer - Beruf Berufe Ausbildung Abschluss Berufsausbildung Geschenk Schenken Studium Diplom Bachelor Berufsschule Gratulation Danke Bedanken Dankeschön Schild Türschild Wandschild Wanddeko Deko Wanddeko...

Türschild Classic Schild 'Ich bin Applications Engineer' aus Bambus Coffee als ein spezieller Dank oder ein Geschenk für Applications EngineerDas Original von Mr. & Mrs. Panda. Unser liebevoll handgefertigtes Türschild aus Bambus Coffee wird mit einer...

14,90 EUR*
Details Tasse Design Frame Happy Girls Beste Applications Engineer der Welt - Beruf Berufe Ausbildung Abschluss Berufsausbildung Geschenk Schenken Studium Diplom Bachelor Berufsschule Gratulation Danke Bedanken Dankeschön Geschenk Geschenkidee Schenken Tasse...

Tasse Design Frame Happy Girls 'Beste Applications Engineer der Welt' aus Keramik Weiß als ein spezieller Dank oder ein Geschenk für Applications EngineerDas Original von Mr. & Mrs. Panda. Eine wunderschöne Keramiktasse aus dem Hause Mr. & Mrs. Panda,...

155,99 EUR*
Details An Engineers Guide to MATLAB: With Applications from Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical, Civil, and Biological Systems Engineering

An Engineers Guide to MATLAB: International Version An Engineer's Guide to MATLAB, 3/e, is an authoritative guide to generating readable, compact, and verifiably correct MATLAB programs. It is ideal for undergraduate engineering courses in Mechanical,...

89,65 EUR*
Details Manual on Design and Application of Leaf Springs

Taschenbuch, Society of Automotive Engineers Inc

33,15 EUR*
Details Novel Adsorbents and Their Environmental Applications (Aiche Symposium Series)

Seiten: 82, Gebundene Ausgabe, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

64,15 EUR*
Details Measurement Theory for Engineers (Engineering Online Library)

Measurement Theory for Engineers A textbook on industrial applications of Statistical Measurement Theory. It deals with the principal issues of measurement theory. It includes topics that starts with an informal introduction followed by an example, the...

87,30 EUR*
Details Probability and Random Processes for Electrical and Computer Engineers

This books covers the fundamental theory, and applications, of probability and random processes in electrical and computer engineering.

64,80 EUR*
Details Engineering Design for Electrical Engineers

A supplementary book for a project or senior design course. It provides a unified methodical approach to engineering design projects by first examining project design principles, then ullustrating their applications in six modules in digital, analog,...

165,84 EUR*
Details Failure Analysis: Fundamentals and Applications in Mechanical Components

This book addresses the failures of structural elements, i.e. those components whose primary mission is to withstand mechanical loads. The book is intended as a self-contained source for those with different technical grades, engineers and scientists...

208,65 EUR*
Details Thermosets and Composites: Material Selection, Applications, Manufacturing and Cost Analysis (Plastics Design Library)

This book bridges the technology and business aspects of thermosets, providing a practical guide designed for engineers working in real-world industrial settings. The author explores the criteria for material selection, provides information on material...

165,84 EUR*
Details Geometric Computing with Clifford Algebras: Theoretical Foundations and Applications in Computer Vision and Robotics

Geometric Computing with Clifford Algebras This monograph-like anthology introduces the concepts and framework of Clifford algebra and provides computer scientists, engineers, physicists, and mathematicians with a rich source of examples of how to work...

123,75 EUR*
Details Finite Element Method: Applications in Solids, Structures, and Heat Transfer (Dekker Mechanical Engineering)

The finite element method (FEM) is the dominant tool for numerical analysis in engineering, yet many engineers apply it without fully understanding all the principles. Learning the method can be challenging, but Mike Gosz has condensed the basic...

161,10 EUR*
Details IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Issue of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2012 (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)

IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies Covers the advances in engineering technologies and physical science and applications. This book also serves as a reference work for researchers and graduate students working with/on engineering...

223,63 EUR*
Details Enterprise Information Systems VI

Enterprise Information Systems: vi The sixth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS) held in Porto in 2004, brought together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the advances and business applications of...

144,99 EUR*
Details Geotechnical Engineering Handbook

""This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference to geotechnical engineering for civil engineers available. This one-of-a-kind, definitive reference offers expansive coverage of the latest techniques, methods, applications, and theories in...

164,00 EUR*
Details Encyclopedia of Polymer Blends: Volume 2: Processing

Encyclopedia of Polymer Blends: Processing v. 2 A complete and timely overview of the topic, this Encyclopedia imparts knowledge of fundamental principles and their applications for academicians, scientists and researchers, while informing engineers,...

156,91 EUR*
Details INTRODUCTION TO OPTOELECTRONIC SENSORS, AN (Series in Optics and Photonics)

An Introduction to Optoelectronic Sensors This invaluable book offers a comprehensive overview of the technologies and applications of optoelectronic sensors. Based on the R&D experience of more than 70 engineers and scientists, highly representative...

113,00 EUR*
Details TapeCase 3432 0.5in X 5yd Red Reflective Tape (1 Roll), Model: 1/2-5-3432, Tools & Hardware store

Replaces 3M Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting 3272Red Microprismatic reflective sheeting with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing for application on non-critical traffic signage (such as no-parking, handicapped or restricted-parking), or commercial...

431,53 EUR*
Details Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries, Design and Optimization, ... 1999 (Nato Science Partnership Subseries: 3)

Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries Written by lithium battery experts, this book gives practicing engineers an understanding of the subject, providing guidance on the selection of suitable materials in actual applications. Full description